Throughout the years, I found myself struggling with to many issues; shame, guilt, unworthiness, poor decision making, commitment issues, indecisiveness, simple tasks that became almost impossible to complete, loneliness and more.  I self medicated with drugs, alcohol, and relationships to ease the pain.  I couldn't even think about a future.  I had no future, no hope, I was just surviving.

My mother died and this time, instead of running away from Jesus, I ran to Him.  The more I cried out to Him, the more He answered me, even after all I had done!  In all my years, I had never felt love in this way.  I finally saw and experienced something so real, not just a quick fix by the world's standards, but real and everlasting love.  I saw Jesus for the first time!  Jesus is my hope and love!  The hope and love that I'd been seeking for so long!

While I was seeking counsel for other issues, I was referred to the Forgiven and Set Free Bible study. This Bible study has been an incredible pivotal point in my life.  This Bible study has changed my life in so many ways; the shame is gone, the guilt no longer has power over me, I'm worthy to be loved and able to love others more deeply, I can think more clearly, walk with hope in my heart for my future.  When I was willing to open my heart, Jesus was there to meet me.  I stand in awe of what Jesus did and continues to do!  Thank you ARA facilitators for your love for Jesus and for being willing vessels.

Tina Robinson is a Ministry Director of Abortion Recovery Alabama.  Trains and Facilitates in varies locations. She went through the Forgiven and Set Free Bible study in the fall of 2013.