Sometimes we feel we are the only ones who are feeling the way we do.  After all, society tells us we are empowered and made a great decision when we chose abortion.  Well, we may have felt empowered for a time or felt we made the only decision we could under the circumstances but many of us have come to regret our decisions.  

These are our stories

Our Bible studies are free, caring, confidential, and non-judgmental, because we have all have an abortion experience and we needed someone to love us without judgment.  You are in a safe place.

  • CINDY Harless

    “Are you married? asked the clinic worker in an abortion clinic in Florida.  “No,” I responded adding another layer of shame.  “It’s just a blob of cells,” she said.  We needed to take care of it quickly while it was still “just a blob of cells.”  I was 18 and called myself an adult.  I would make my decisions now.  I made the appointment for the next week.  It would all be over in a week and I could go back to life as usual.

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  • Faye Gothard

    I would have helped prevent an abortion, but instead, I was an accessory to ending a life.  When I was 18 and married, a relative came to me and told me she was pregnant.  Her boyfriend was with her and they asked me what they should do.  I told them I could not tell them what to do, but I would support them and help them in whatever they decided . . . 

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  • tina robinson

    My family structure and stability was destroyed when my father died.  I was 18.  My mother's overwhelming grief led her to leave our home just after his death.  I was left to grieve alone and fend for myself.  My relationship with my father had been a complicated one, but I grieved the loss of what could have and should have been.  Left on my own, without love and direction, I began to live a rebellious, ungodly life-style.  At 21, I found myself single, alone, and pregnant.  I wanted, no, I needed a quick fix!  The thought of me raising a child by myself frightened me beyond words.  I was doing a terrible job of taking care of myself, how in the world could I care for a baby?  I could see no other choice so I went through with the abortion.

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  • heather payne

    I considered suicide a year after my abortion, but I heard God in my heart letting me know that He wanted to use me again one day. 

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  • Betty Thompson

    Years ago, I made a decision that would almost destroy me; I chose abortion for my baby instead of life.  I was in a marriage to wonderful man who loved me very much.  I had a son from a previous marriage whom he treated like his own son.  Saved at 14, but raised in a non-Christian home full of turmoil, I found it hard to lead the Christian life.  I let sin creep into my life when I began to travel with my job . . . 

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  • natalya drake

    Growing up in Ukraine, I learned that in life to survive, you had to think only about yourself.  At a young age, I started to lie, steal, and manipulate.  Parties, alcohol, drugs, and numerous casual sexual partners took me to the very bottom level of society.  I was a homeless and lost girl who thought that her body was the only value to her.  A soul?  A soul so dark and dirty that I never even tried to look for it inside . . . 

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