I married my first love, who was fun, loved to drink and do drugs.  When I was six months pregnant, my husband went to jail.  When he got out, things got worst.  My husband was constantly disappearing with money in search of drugs.  After I left him, taking my daughter with me, I realized I was pregnant again.  I really wanted to have that baby with all my heart, but my mother and my mother-in-law were telling me I didn't have a choice, and that I didn't have money to raise the child I had.  I accepted this lie because I did not know the truth and I don't know God.

My first abortion killed the joy my daughter had given me with her birth.  I became cold, lost, and empty.  In six months, I had my second abortion and it destroyed me even more.  Bars, men, and pills became my best friends.  I was always depressed or high on drugs.  During this time, I had my third abortion.  There was so much paid that I had become numb to it all. I didn't even care if things became worse.

Finally I realized, my daughter deserved better.  I remarried and moved to America, but I was still broken inside.  God chose two precious Christian girls to reach out to me.  First, to me they were strange people who always seemed to be happy, but they loved me and were praying for me.  One day I told one of them I had abortions.  She was a volunteer at Sav-A-Life Shelby and told me about ARA.  I could not wait to begin classes!  I remember that after my first class, I was crying all the way home.  My tears were happy tears for a lost daughter who finally found her Loving Father.  ARA changed me and my destiny.  God used this ministry to save my soul, to introduce me to Jesus Christ, and to show me the beautiful reality of the Gospel.  I was not only set free from the guilt and devastation of my three abortions, I  was set from from the old me who was a murderer, a liar, and a worthless women.  I finally found joy, peace, new life, new hope and my King, Jesus Christ, who made me into a new creation! 

Natalya is the lead Facilitator in Chelsea.  She went through the Forgiven and Set Free Bible study in the spring of 2012.