Faye Gothard

After about a month, she decided on abortion.  I took her to the abortion clinic and took care of her afterwards. 

At the age of 21, I became a Christian and realized why I had been a party to, the death of my nephew.  Through the years, I worked in the Sav-A-Life Crisis Pregnancy ministry and knew God had forgiven me, but something just wasn't right with me; I could not forgive myself or put it behind me.  I thought about my nephew at holidays and wondered how he could have fit into the lives of our family.  I knew I had been an accessory to murder.  The weight of that sin haunted me.  I was chained and in bondage.

The decision to take my relative for an abortion was meant to harm me emotionally and spiritually, but God has turned that part of my life into a testimony of God's goodness, freedom, and grace.  I now share my story to glorify God.

Before I went to the Forgiven and Set Free Bible study, I could not talk like this.  I know feel like a weight has been removed.  I do feel forgiven and set free, not only by God, I have forgiven myself.  

The abortion recovery program helps you look at trains you would normally avoid.  It allows you to be able to see thing in a different way and forgive yourself.  I no longer have a big hole in my soul.  If Jesus forgives me, who am I to hold myself hostage?  This is takin what Jesus did on the cross and throwing it back into His face.  My sin was not too big for Jesus to forgive. I will always regret the part I played in my nephew's death, but there is hope after abortion.  I know that I will see my nephew again one day when I get to heaven, but until then, I will let people know there are alternatives to abortion and there is forgiveness, hope, and freedom after abortion!

Faye Gothard is the Assistant Director of Abortion Recovery Alabama. Trains and Facilitates in varies locations.  Faye went through the Forgiven and Set Free Bible study in the fall of 2010.