I gave into an extra-marital affair after Satan convinced me no one would find out and I could lead this double life.  After trying to get pregnant for over 10 years with my husband and being told this was very unlikely by my doctor, I was shocked fo find myself pregnant.  I was in such turmoil and anguish not knowing who the father was, yet wanting this child so very much.  Sadly, I chose abortion to hide my sin and to avoid destroying my marriage.  I was convinced this child was from the affair.

After the abortion, my life seemed to be in a downward spiral.  My life and my marriage fell apart.  I sought counseling with a Christian counselor who helped me meet God in such a spiritual way that I felt His arms embrace me as I confessed my sin and asked for forgiveness.  The LORD answered me, "My daughter you are already forgiven!"  I felt like the burden I carried was heavier than anything I could even imagine was taken away.  

My forgiveness was complete, but the set free part started to become difficult.  I continued to struggle with guilt for having an abortion.  I found myself single, raising a son, and continuing in more failed relationships.  God began to work on my brokenness.  I began to build such wonderful and personal relationship with "MY JESUS."  Through His mercy, He began to work His incredible love on me.  I felt His hand on me leading me to volunteer at North Jefferson Women's Center in the Gardendale/Fultondale area.  Through the center, I was introduced to the ministry of Abortion Recovery Alabama's Scarlet2White recovery program.  What a blessing!  My forgiveness was complete before joining this incredible Bible study and through God's Word, but now I can say "I AM SET FREE" from guilt!  Thank you, Lord!

Betty is the lead Facilitator in the Gardendale/Fultondale area.  She went thought the Forgiven and Set Free Bible study in the spring 2012.